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Recent Reviews of Our Products

We always enjoy hearing from teachers and parents about how our activities are used out in the real world. Here's a nice review (ranking: Extremely Positive!) on the website, secularhomeschool.com. Here's another review in Wired Magazine's parenting blog.

Recent Feedback From Our Fans

• Today I was using a book I bought from your company years ago. I've used it with children from second grade all the way to high school. I decided to check and see what other treasures might be available.

• I received a copy of "Letter Getters" at a workshop. What a great book! My mind was racing with ideas about how to use it with students.

• I LOVE your products.

• I have used "WakerUppers" for 16 years and someone took it from my classroom. I loved it and it was a gift. I want to order that and any other items like that you have because it was a great teaching tool.

• We used several Tin Man Press products when our two kids were younger. They were always our favorite thinking skills materials and we recommended them to other homeschoolers many times.

• I have quite a few of your books and my gifted students love them. Keep up the good work!

• Thanks so much! We started school today and I'm really excited about having some interactive bulletin boards this year. The kids love them!

• We love your materials. We use them as enrichment activities with gifted kids and those who need something different.  Thank you for creating activities that capture students' attention.

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