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Look and Think III - 4th through 6th

26 pages
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Grades 4-6

Analytical Thinking

Being able to look in depth at something is important. The graphic approaches in these 15 exercises encourage students to "dig in" visually.

In one activity, What's Going On, students read six sentences such as "The nail is bent." "I cut one of the boards too short." "Who closed the curtains?" Then they look at some very spare drawings in order to decide which drawing goes best with which sentence.

The drawings aren't perfect representations of the objects they depict, which means the students have to settle for an answer that is "most like" what they're looking for.

Good practice in creative thinking and visual discrimination.

Note: "Look and Think" includes eight activities from "Are They Thinking?", five activities from "Ideas to Go" and two activities from "Brain Stations."

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Look and Think III - 4th through 6th
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