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The Question Kid -3rd through 5th

18 pages
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Grades 3-5

Flexible Thinking

Call this flexible thinking at its best! Question Kid activities encourage children to think about old concepts in surprising new ways.

What do you call those sounds that come out of your mouth to let people know what you're thinking? What do you call those holes in houses that let light in? And the answers, of course, are—words and windows!

After students figure out what the answers are to the innovative descriptions, the tables are turned and kids get a chance to pose a question themselves. Great fun in flexible thinking!

Note: The activities included here were part of "The Question Kid" Enrichment Packet/Level 2. For simplicity, all of our Enrichment Packets are now called "Thinkables." The material itself has not changed.

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The Question Kid -3rd through 5th
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