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Drawing Starts I - 1st through 3rd

17 pages
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Grades 1-3

Thinking Through Art

The drawings are already started (just a little bit) so students must incorporate the lines that are given into their final product.

You'll find four drawing starts on every page so there are actually 60 drawings to be completed by budding artists.

They will encounter such drawing challenges as "a person whose hair is combed with a part in the middle," " the fanciest number 8 you can make," and on and on.

Remember though—every drawing must start with lines that are already on the paper, so the real challenge is figuring out how to use them.

Great for visual thinking!

<p>Note: The activities included here were part of our &quot;Drawing Starts&quot; Enrichment Packet/Level 2. For simplicity, all of our Enrichment Packets are now called &quot;Thinkables.&quot; The material itself has not changed.</p>

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Drawing Starts I - 1st through 3rd
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