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Listen Up! II - 4th through 6th

30 pages
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Grades 4-6

Thinking Through Listening

These important challenges help put students on the path to better listening skills. The activities are teacher-directed with scripts provided.

You'll find all sorts of unexpected challenges in this collection, ranging from instructions that will produce extremely interesting designs to instructions where the student starts out in one place on a grid and ends up somewhere else.

Here's a sample direction for one grid activity. "Draw a line that goes through the center of the first two circles, then touches the top of the third circle and then touches the bottoms of the last two circles." (We provide the matrix sheet, of course.)

Note: The activities included here were part of our "Listen Up!" Enrichment Packet/Level 4. For simplicity, all of our Enrichment Packets are now called "Thinkables." The material itself has not changed.

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Listen Up! II - 4th through 6th
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