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Take Aways II - 4th through 6th

18 pages
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Grades 4-6

Hands-on Thinking

Fifteen activities call for scissor work and decision-making as students cut away shapes until they arrive at one remaining shape—and that is the answer!

These hands-on challenges begin with a matrix sheet that is filled with shapes containing words or drawings. Then students start cutting away shapes in response to a series of descriptions. When they finish, there should be one shape left—and that is the answer.

In one activity, Cut Those Cookies, children first look for three drawings that portray a cookie with one big bite missing. The next description asks for a shape containing a drawing of a cookie missing one big bite and a little bite, and so it goes.

Note: The activities included here were part of our "Take Aways" Enrichment Packet/Level 4. For simplicity, all of our Enrichment Packets are now called "Thinkables." The material itself has not changed.

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Take Aways II - 4th through 6th
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