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Weekly Freebie

Our Discover! series of task cards asks kids to think about ordinary objects in unique and creative ways. They must have the object in hand as they work their way through 20 critical thinking and manipulative challenges.

Here's a sample from Discover! A Pencil.

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Answers: Activity 6a-Hard to use. Sticks in my face. Won’t fit in my pocket. 6b-Hard to hold. Activity 7-For keeping time to music. For reaching under the sofa to get something. For scratching my back. For holding down a piece of paper so it won’t blow away. Activity 8a-Yellow (or whatever). Activty 8b-The sun. Butter. Lemons. My shirt. Banana. Activity 9-There are typically four colors: tan, gold (the metal part), black (the lead), orange (the eraser)..