Sparking Young Minds

Weekly Freebie

This week's free activity comes from our book, WakerUppers, which features 50 hand-drawn, reproducible activity pages. As the name implies, WakerUppers is designed to offer lively warm-up activities that get young minds working.

If you like WakerUppers, check out its companion book, Gotta Think!

Click on the page image below to see a full-sized version you can print out and use.

Answers: Activity 1—Doughnut-9, peanut-6, cracker-3, hot dog-8, ice cream bar-10, marshmallow-4, hamburger-1, potato-12, carrot-5, bread-2, raisin-7, lollipop-11. Activity 2—I had a dream last night that I missed every question on the test. Activity 4—Huge elephants crush little bugs. (All vowels are repeated.) Some birthday cakes taste pretty awful. (First letter of each word is put at end of word.) Robert ate seven pieces of pie. (A "Z" takes the place of the third letter of each word—excepting the two-letter word, "of.")