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Adventures of a Dot Series

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Grades 2-6
24 cards per set
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There are 10 card sets in the Dot series, each of which involves an imaginary character—Dot—who takes various outings to familiar places.

And who is Dot? Well, Dot definitely is a child, but only individual students can determine Dot's age and gender.

We do know that Dot shows up in places youngsters like to go—the mall, the grocery store, the beach—places that become the focus for intellectual play.

Dot is curious and intelligent, but also human, making some mistakes (and learning from them) along the way. Above all, Dot likes to think.

The activities are designed to be done independently and require a written response (no teacher preparation needed). Just give children the card sets and let them go!

Each set includes 24 cards in total, including 20 activity cards.

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Adventures of a Dot Series
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Dot Eats Out

Only three things on the table were not bought by Dot's dad. What are they?

Dot Goes on a Ride

Red means stop and green means go. Why is a yellow light important?

Dot Goes to a Basketball Game

Why do all the players on a team wear uniforms that are alike?

Dot Goes to a Carnival

The tilt-a-whirl makes Dot much dizzier than the Ferris wheel. Why?

Dot Goes to School

Here are some things Dot brings to school. Tell what each thing could be.

Dot Goes to the Beach

The sand is hot as they begin to dig but gets cooler as they dig deeper. Why?

Dot Goes to the Grocery Store

Dot sees a grape on the floor. List two reasons why Dot shouldn't eat it.

Dot Goes to the Library

Why does a library put a limit on how long you can keep books?

Dot Goes to the Mall

The salesperson puts the collar in a bag. Why is the name of the store on the bag?

Dot Plays in the Snow

Dot throws some snowballs at a tree. Why is a tree easier to hit than a person?