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Discover! Series I

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Grades 2-6
12 sets of cards
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A true Tin Man original! The "Discover!" series is a wonderful tool for prompting children to think creatively and deductively by manipulating and thinking about the most ordinary of items.

In these days of diminished attention spans and digital everything, the "Discover!" series serves a fundamental purpose: Allowing a youngster the fun and growth of examining an object in depth.

In all cases, the activities can be done independently and are open-ended enough to appeal to students of varying abilities.

"Discover!" can be used at centers or as individual seatwork. It works superbly in conventional classrooms and in gifted programs, as well as for home-schoolers. It is also a fine motivational tool to encourage reading and writing.

Each set includes 20 activities, plus answers and a teacher card. For ordering convenience, the 24 card sets are divided into Series I and Series II, but you can also order the card sets individually.

Order all 12 card sets in electronic format and save $12.00!

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Discover! Series I
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Individual Card Sets in Discover! Series I

Discover! A Comb

If you pressed the teeth of a comb into wet sand, what marks would it make?

Discover! A Paper Bag

Name some tools and materials you might need to make a paper bag.

Discover! A Paper Clip

How many pieces of wire are in a paper clip?

Discover! A Paper Towel

Write three one-word descriptions about a paper towel. Here's a start: flat.

Discover! A Pencil

How many colors besides the main colors do you see? List them.

Discover! A Raisin

Sniff one of the raisins. Can you smell it? Answer, then eat it.

Discover! A Spoon

Draw the way a spoon would look if you hit it with a hammer until it was flat.

Discover! A Tape Dispenser

What is the main reason you need the dispenser part?

Discover! An Egg Carton

Think of waffles and think of pancakes. Which are most like an egg carton?

Discover! Crackers

Could you staple two crackers together? Why or why not?