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Discover! Series II

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Grades 2-6
24 cards in each set
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A true Tin Man original! The "Discover!" series is a wonderful tool for prompting children to think creatively and deductively by manipulating and thinking about the most ordinary of items.

In these days of diminished attention spans and digital everything, the "Discover!" series serves a fundamental purpose: Allowing a youngster the fun and growth of examining an object in depth.

In all cases, the activities can be done independently and are open-ended enough to appeal to students of varying abilities.

"Discover!" can be used at centers or as individual seatwork. It works superbly in conventional classrooms and in gifted programs, as well as for home-schoolers. It is also a fine motivational tool to encourage reading and writing.

Each set includes 20 activities, plus answers and a teacher card. For ordering convenience, the 24 card sets are divided into Series I and Series II, but you can also order the card sets individually.

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Discover! Series II
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Individual Card Set in Discover! Series II

Discover A Button
Discover! A Button

How many buttons are you wearing right now?

Discover! A Crayon

How is a crayon different from a pencil? Make a list.

Discover! A Key

Cars have keys. Why don't tricycles have keys?

Discover! A Milk Carton

How many times can you find the word "milk" on the carton?

Discover! A Paper Plate

Most people do not use paper plates at home every day. Why not?

Discover! A Peanut

Put the peanut close to your ear and shake it. What do you hear?

Discover! A Shoelace

Why do shoelaces come in different colors?

Discover! A Toothbrush

If you could have just a toothbrush or toothpaste, which would you choose?

Discover! Aluminum Foil

Now look carefully at both sides of the foil. Write about what you notice.

Discover! An Envelope

How many folds can you find on the envelope?