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Drawing Starts II - 4th through 6th

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Grades 4-6

Thinking Through Art

Four separate drawing starts in four boxes begin each activity. Students must use the drawing starts as part of their drawing based on four descriptions.

Youngsters have some thinking to do before they start to draw. Not only must their drawings utilize the drawing starts we have given them, but they also must chose which drawing start goes best with each of four descriptions that are provided.

So a half circle with the straight line at the bottom would be the best start for "a kid wearing a bicycle helmet" and not "a baby wearing a diaper." A little pre-planning never hurts!

Note: The activities included here were part of our "Drawing Starts" Enrichment Packet/Level 4. For simplicity, all of our Enrichment Packets are now called "Thinkables." The material itself has not changed.

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Drawing Starts II - 4th through 6th
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