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Finish the Thought - 4th through 6th

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Grades 4-6

Thinking Through Writing

Language usage is complex. The activities in this collection focus on the way we learn language and the subtleties of its usage.

Each activity has a set-up sentence and a lively illustration. The idea then is to finish the thought with words that start with the letters that are provided.

So when a child reads "When dogs are happy, they wag their tails. When people are happy … t s," it is hoped they will arrive at the answer "they smile."

There are 30 of these challenges—30 opportunities to get comfortable with the language. When a sentence is completed, the "aha!" factor kicks in.

Note: The activities included here were part of our "Finish the Thought" Enrichment Packet/Level 2. For simplicity, all of our Enrichment Packets are now called "Thinkables." The material itself has not changed.

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Finish the Thought - 4th through 6th
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