Sparking Young Minds

Activity Books

Our books and eBooks offer a variety of approaches, including independent seat work, scripts for full-class activities, learning centers and bulletin boards.

Activity Books

Board Books

Unbored Bulletin Board Book II
Grades 2-6.

The Great Unbored Bulletin Board Book II offers 20 more unique ideas that are the opposite of those canned bulletin-board kits. Titles in the second book include The Monsters are Coming, Neighborhood Picnic, and What Did the Teacher Do?


Thinking Challenges

Waiting for Lunch
Grades 1-5.

There’s that “thing” in schoolrooms called class spirit or chemistry. Some rooms have it and some don’t. We like to think that this book contributes to that spirit in a very positive way.

Grades 2-6.

These 50 lively reproducibles turn students into more flexible, adventuresome thinkers. Each activity sheet is hand-drawn and complemented by a teacher page that offers answers. More than 300 activities in all. Many teachers use WakerUppers as a motivational tool to start the school day. But don't let the name fool you—this book is a valuable learning tool that can be used anytime kids need a jolt of creative, flexible thinking.