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Our Thinkables are short enrichment units organized by grade level and skill area. Each is only $5.00!

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What are Thinkables? They are short collections of enrichment activities arranged by grade level and skill area.

Over the years, we have produced a number of activity books which address skills such as analytical thinking, flexible thinking, listening skills, etc. and span various grade levels. We are in the process of selecting the very best activities from our books and are updating them and arranging them into eight Thinkables skill areas.

We are also producing new materials for the Thinkables series. Our Opposites title, which you will find here, is the first of these.

One important point: Those Thinkables that include activities from our books will be clearly marked. If the activities in a Thinkable title come from a book you already own, you should probably stick with your original material.

But if you are new to Tin Man Press, or if you wish to extend your library of our resources, Thinkables are a wonderful resource. Start with a grade level, pick a skill you think your students need, and dive in!

Like our other materials, Thinkables will have some "stretch." That's why we have indicated a range of grade levels.

More Thinkables will be coming soon, incorporating original material and activities from our existing products.

We hope Thinkables will let you purchase our activities in a targeted—and cost-saving—fashion. Thanks for taking a look!



Just Write! II -2nd through 5th

Each activity centers around a single concept. There's The Old Page, The How Page, The Noise Page, The Same Page … you get the idea. The subjects themselves invite good writing and flexible thinking.

Just Write! III -2nd through 5th

There's The Straight Page, The Baby Page, The Fast Page—giving children new writing ideas about common concepts. Very entertaining—and students will hardly know they are gaining experience in thinking—and writing!

Just Write! IV - 2nd through 5th

Bugs, boredom, mistakes, facts, worries—these are a few of the subjects encountered in this collection of Just Write activities. The amount of writing children are asked to do is not voluminous, but the free-ranging thinking they have to do encourages mental flexibility.

Listen Up! I - 1st through 3rd

Fifteen teacher-led strategies are sure to improve listening skills—and students will hardly know they are being put to a rigorous task!

Listen Up! II - 4th through 6th

These important challenges help put students on the path to better listening skills. The activities are teacher-directed with scripts provided.

Listen Up! III - 4th through 6th

Children respond to your oral directions by drawing something described by you. The result? Better listening skills! These are highly motivational challenges that students love to do.

Look and Think I - 2nd through 4th

First, we present a visual premise. Then, students must take that visual information and apply it to some interesting descriptions. Children can work on these activities completely independently. Like all Tin Man Press materials, directions are clearly stated. Perfect for early finishers or those children in need of an extra challenge.

Look and Think II - 3rd through 5th

Look, look, look—that's what children will be doing with these exercises. The focus is on a creative assortment of visual problems that students don't get to see every day. The activities provide valuable experience in analyzing visual data. And they're fun to do!

Look and Think III - 4th through 6th

Being able to look in depth at something is important. The graphic approaches in these 15 exercises encourage students to "dig in" visually.

Looking Logic I - 2nd through 6th

Students look at a drawing and read part of a sentence about what they see. Then they must finish the sentence underneath the drawing in a way that relates to the drawing. Thus. both visualization and language skills share top billing in these exercises.