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Start Thinking! - Grade 4

Each unit includes 150 activity pages in three workbooks plus a Teacher's Guide.
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Let’s put thinking skills back in the classroom—every day.

Introducing Start Thinking!, a unique curriculum for the elementary grades designed to give kids a quick daily dose of critical thinking and creativity. This is the Grade 4 Curriculum. We’ll soon offer a Start Thinking! for each grade, 1 through 5.

Start Thinking! incorporates the very best work produced by Tin Man Press. We’ve modified existing activities and have developed original material. There are 150 activity pages for each grade—one for each day of a typical school year.

Unlike other Tin Man Press products, Start Thinking! offers workbooks that kids keep handy for daily use. There are three books for each grade level, plus a teacher’s guide. Each workbook covers 10 weeks of the year. The activities in Start Thinking! are designed to be done in just five or ten minutes. We provide clear instructions so kids can do the activities independently—no teacher preparation or instruction is required.

The philosophy behind Start Thinking! is this: Our children’s education is dominated by rote learning and preparing for tests. This might be necessary, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of helping them become more flexible, critical and creative thinkers. Encouraging that kind of thinking leads to greater success in all parts of a child’s education.

These activities are intellectually rigorous and address a wide range of skill areas. They're fun, too. We take pride at Tin Man Press in developing activities that children actually like to do. We firmly believe that thinking should be fun!

Note: Start Thinking! is available at a discount for school districts that order multiple copies for curricular use.

The price for ordering 10 to 19 units is $30.00 apiece.
The price for ordering 20 or more units is $20.00 apiece.

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Start Thinking! - Grade 4
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